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It isn’t every day you come across a Warrior Princess…

Sadly, she isn’t quite as valuable as I found her to be. Growing up in the age of Xena The Warrior Princess you can imagine my delight when I saw here sitting on the shelf of the Salvation Army this morning! I was half tempted to keep her for myself (maybe she could play with my daughter’s Barbies?) but decided to list her for $20 (paid $1.99).

I stopped by three thrifts today: Savers, Salvation Army, and Once Upon a Child but didn’t find anything at the latter. Still, the first two more than made up for it and here are the best of the bunch from today’s shopping:

The Disney Princess Rocking Horse – paid $3.99 for it and listed for $65.

The Build a Bear Shamrock Bear – he came dressed in a Karate outift and had red boxers on under it with black dress shoes. I will often pick these up if I can sell some combination of the plush or the outfit and often I can sell all of it. I paid $2.99 for him and listed the bear for $25, the Karate outfit for $20, The boxers for $10, and the shoes for $20. All were already selling on Amazon so I didn’t have to make any new listings (which is the best!).

The Rudolph Cowboy Doll – paid $.99 and listed for $25.

The Happy Feet dancing penguin – paid $.49 and listed for $35.

The Bratz Petz Cat – this thing is creepy! But, I like that I paid 99 cents and could list for $35.

The Disney Store Holiday Morning Plush – paid $3.99 and listed for $55.

I also picked up two bags of two My Little Ponies each for 99 cents each bag. Sometimes the individual ponies can be worth money so if I am sure that they are authentic (believe it or not there are knock off ponies out there) then I usually take the chance. In this case I could only sell one of the three (the others were ponies that came with larger sets) but I was able to list it for $15 so I still come out ahead. And now I have three super cute ponies to add to our collection here. Win- win.

There were no duds but I am waiting on Amazon to clear a Hazmat on the care bear. It turns out it is a fairly valuable special edition bear so I will be able to list him for $55 ( paid $1.99) but not until Amazon confirms he isn’t a dangerous chemical. LOL

Today’s bottom line:

Total Items Listed: 11

Total Buy Cost: $27.88

Total Sales Value: $404.98

Total Net Profit: $255.56

So, there you have it… another good morning!

I think I am going to change the way I post these trips, for the time being at least. I don’t always get to list the items the same day that I shop for them and I think it will be easier to just take a picture of whatever I am listing on a given day and share those items no matter when I shopped for them.

I’ll still share the bottom line but I am not going to calculate my potential hourly wage anymore because I think that by this point we have established that it is pretty easy to clear $100-$200 an hour doing this… it just depends on the hours you can (or want) to put into it (and of course learning how to make an educated guess on what is worth picking up and what you should leave on the shelf). I am still waiting for a once in a lifetime find like you read about from time to time. The stories where someone finds a rare vase from the turn of the century that is worth like two million dollars. Sadly, I am likely going to walk right by that vase to scoop up the vintage Care Bear. Ha!

As always, please feel free to comment on the post (or email me at if you have a question on a specific item that I didn’t share or anything else you might be wondering about. I am always happy to help when I can!

That is it for now! I have lots more thrifting left in me this week so I’ll be back soon!


  1. Hi, Stacy. Great post as usual. The Disney rocking horse – I think I have one somewhere my granddaughter enjoyed – are you going to FBA or MF it? Thx! Jill

    • Hi Jill! I am going to FBA it. I don’t MF anything unless I absolutely have to (Hazmat, perishable, etc). I’d rather Amazon deal with it.. 🙂

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