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In over my head

Ok so …. here’s the deal.

I tend to get a little carried away sometimes. 🙂 I got all excited about grocery and opened up tons of new items to sell and then they sold. And sold. And sold. To the point where today I did nothing but fill grocery orders and didn’t have time to make it even to a single thrift store.

While I know that selling too much seems like a good problem to have in this case it isn’t. For one, it takes me away from what I really enjoy (thrifting) and what has the best return on my money. I like not putting out so much money up front and getting big paychecks back from it later. And for another, it just plain stresses me out. When I have multiple orders for the same item it can mean running to several stores to fill one order. It can mean sometimes I can’t find the item at all and have to cancel an order. It can mean that I have so many items open that I’m not able to closely watch them all to make sure they are still worth my time.

And sometimes they actually wind up costing me money which clearly isn’t the best way to run a business. I had an order today for a product that seemed like it would be a great idea to sell. It wasn’t. I had to run to about 6 different stores until I finally found it and then when I got home I found out it was going to cost me an arm and a let to ship it. I knew the item was heavy but it should have fit in a Large flat rate box. And it would have had the customer not ordered two quantities and now it no longer fit. Even that had they lived close would not have been a disaster but it turns out shipping a 44 pound box to the other side of the country runs about $87. Ouch. I only made $89 on the order to begin with so that means that after Amazon’s fees and my cost to buy the products (about $16) what seemed like a sure thing turned into me losing about $30 and lots of my precious time.

What you see in the picture is going out tomorrow and I there are more boxes in my dining room. I don’t want to do this every day and neglect the other parts of my business. I can’t do this every day.

So, I just went in and scaled the 114 grocery items I had for sale yesterday down to 17 of the ones I know are easy to fill, have good margins, and I steadily sell. Whew. I feel much better now.

I still stand by grocery being an important part of my business but it can’t be the only part. Back to thrifting tomorrow and if I can get to it tonight I’ll update what I picked up on yesterdays thrift trip.

Until then!

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