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I’m back!!

Hi guys!

School is back in session and that means I’m back to working on FBA! But, I didn’t just sit and relax the entire summer. Since I last posted I started an additional Amazon venture!

Amazon has a print on demand tshirt program that they call Merch by Amazon. I had signed up for this program back in October 2015 when it was first opened to the public. At that time I put up a handful of designs and then promptly forgot all about the whole thing during our big move to Rhode Island. This past May I happened to see a post in a Facebook group for FBA sellers mentioning how well the person who posted was doing with tshirt sales. I logged into my forgotten account and found that I had been making some sales all along but never knew because they had my old PA bank info (so I was not getting paid). An email to Amazon and corrections to my banking info got me paid and from then on I’ve been working Merch as much as possible.

The way it works is that you are allowed a certain number of designs based on what “Tier” you are in. The tiers go 10, 25, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 and up. Once you have total sales in the amount of your tier and have filled at least 80 percent of your available slots you are eligible to “tier up” to the next level. When I re-discovered my account in May I was at tier 25 and just this week I was tiered up to 1000. I’m hoping Halloween sales give me a big push and I can be at tier 2000 by the time 4th quarter really gets cranking.

The earning potential with Merch is limitless. And the nice thing about it is that unlike with FBA where you hold inventory and once you sell that item it is gone and can’t make you any more money with Merch you can sell the same design over and over and keep earning money from it without doing anything further. Once a design sells once it is live on Amazon until you take it down.

Since Merch is a BIG part of my game plan going forward I will be sharing my monthly sales figures so you can watch it grow and maybe be inspired to start your own Merch business. You do have to be invited to the program though. Currently if you apply it is taking months to get approval so if you are interested I urge you not to wait and get your name in today.

So here are my monthly sales figures starting in May when I started to get serious:

May 2017: $15.36. I started at the very end of May and was in tier 25.
June 2017: $288.76
July 2017: $1331.30

For August I’m set to make around $1500. I actually sold more shirts in August than July but I lowered my prices in hopes of tiering up faster. In the end the price drop really didn’t affect sales and I put my prices back where they were. If I had not lowered them I would be closer to $2000 for August.

The more designs you have up the more sales so you can see how this has the potential to grow and grow and grow. And the best part of it for me is that it really helps supplement the summer when my FBA sales are traditionally low and keeps steady money rolling in no matter the month. I’m very excited to see what 4th quarter holds as others have said to expect 4-6 times your usual sales. Having done FBA for so long I fully expect this to be true. Couple that with more and more shirts going up and I should have a very profitable 4th quarter this year.

As excited as I am about Merch I am not totally giving up on FBA. I still very much enjoy the thrifting and you can’t turn your back on those ROI’s. But, I am going to get a whole lot more selective. In the past I’ve picked up anything and everything that could turn a profit but now I’m looking for easy sales and big, big returns on my investment. I’d like to get to a point where Merch is 75 percent of my income and FBA 25 percent.

For now, I have about 2000 items down in my basement that needed listing created from last 4th quarter. Today I went and got 7 boxes ready to go to Amazon and I’ll be working on more every day the kids are in school until I get it totally cleared out. Depending how long that takes me I may or may not be doing additional thrifting this year. I definitely don’t want to buy any more inventory until that stuff is cleared out!

I’ll be back every now and then to update you on all things FBA and Merch. Until then have a great day!

Stacy 🙂

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