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I’m back!!!!

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since my last update and boy does it feel good to be back to work. I enjoyed the summer so much but it is definitely time for some much needed routine around here again!

This is my first year where all three kids are in school full day (my youngest is a big first grader this year!) so I am still trying to feel out how my days will go. I expected I could exercise first thing in the morning, then hit a bunch of stores, run some personal errands, come home and list everything, and still have time to relax a little before the kids come back on the bus. Not quite. LOL

I hit a lot of stores (3 Savers and 2 Salvation Armies) and intended to be home by 2pm. Well, 2 turned in 2:30 and by the time I had everything unloaded and ready to list it was 3pm. I need to be done listing by 3:30 so I can clean up and catch my breath before the kids get home so it didn’t give me enough time by a long shot. I think from now on I will aim to be home by 1pm and see how that goes.

I’ll share the highlights from todays trip later this week along with the other trips I will make. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have everything off to Amazon (including everything I still have in the basement from right before summer) and can start with a clean slate next week and a better handle on how to manage my time.

So…it’s a work in progress right now but it is soooo wonderful to be back! Check out my Facebook page if you want to see a picture of everything I bought today (lots and lots of plush!) and I will be back tomorrow with a better update.


  1. Welcome back, Stacy!

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