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Hump day happenings

Hello all!

I’ve had a fun and busy couple of days filled with hanging out with friends, running personal errands, helping in my children’s classes, and to be honest not doing too much work. Really, that is the beauty of this job and the reason it works so well for those with families. It is extremely flexible and while I love working on it I can easily fit it around the things that matter most in my life.

I didn’t have anything to report work-wise yesterday and not too much today but I wanted to pop in with a quick update. I am mostly waiting around for wholesale deliveries right now and in talks with a new company to start carrying their line. My loose goal is to expand my existing lines with every new order and to add at least 1-2 new lines each month.

Today I did get in one shipment from an existing company and managed to get it listed and boxed up to go out tomorrow.

I listed 56 items, the buy cost was $186.36, and my net profit when it sells will be $284.94. Because these are items I already sold out of and just needed to restock the ordering, listing, and prep probably took a half hour total (and only that long because I had to label a bunch of stuff).

This company is selling really fast for me so it looks like I have stumbled onto something! I’m probably going to be replenishing this one every 2 weeks which would put it in the lead as my best seller and there is still so much to explore in the line so I’m excited about it.

In other news, I am going to be starting on my fourth book soon and I am looking into releasing something on the Udemy platform. These are video courses where you actually teach a class on whatever subject and students can enroll and watch at their own leisure. I probably won’t be thrifting much in the coming weeks as I focus on wholesale and my book and course ventures but I will be back here as often as I can be to share my journey. And have no fear because this girl can’t stay away from thrifting for very long! 🙂

That is it for me today. I got my USPS and UPS pickups scheduled and will get everything out on the porch in the morning.

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