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Hooray for summer camp!

Today my little guy had summer camp at his preschool for a few hours and I got some much needed time to myself. I ran some errands, did some shopping, and even got two boxes of wholesale products listed. Heaven!!

The items I listed come from one trusty company that I have been selling for the past year (and is my best seller) and the other is a re-order from a recent successful test.

Here is the breakdown:

Items listed: 196
Total Buy Cost: $932.50
Total Sales Value: $3290
Total Net Profit: $1359.46

This was an easy one. I probably put about an hour in total between the order (since they were re-orders for the most part with only one new item I’m testing), listing (again, easy since they are already in my inventory – I only needed to add a couple new listings: 1 for the new product and another couple for a new quantity of an existing item that I am adding to my inventory), packing for Amazon (right back into the box they arrived in), and slapping on the labels. So a crazy high hourly wage there! 🙂

While I was down in the basement getting my labels I was taking stock of that huge amount of backlog I keep mentioning. My big girls are done school next Tuesday so I am thinking that the following week I will start to dig in.

My daily plan will be:

9-11:30 – Putting the kiddos in child watch over at our gym and getting some needed me time (and grabbing a quick shower after).

11:30-12 – lunch

12-1:30 – list some items from the basement and start digging out. Some days will be wholesale days instead (ordering and listing when the products arrive) and one day a week will be a grocery run but at least 3 a week should be free for thrifted items.

2-4 – take the kids to the pool. On rainy days I’ll probably bring them down with me and let them help. I figure if I let them select items from the boxes to list and bring to me they will have fun with it.

Then home to pick up the house, work on laundry, etc and get get started on dinner. If I had any interesting thrifting things to post I’ll hop on here and share them with you too!

I’m sure this plan will evolve as the summer does but it’s a good start!

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