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Holy Wholesale!!

I knew I would be getting my wholesale orders this week but didn’t expect almost all of them to arrive on the same day! In fact, the only one that I was expecting today is the only one that I didn’t What I did receive are items from two brand new to me companies and the third new products I’m testing from a proven company. As always, although I won’t share the sources or items I will share the bottom line so you can see how profitable wholesale can be and for much less work than thrifting (but, not as fun if you ask me!).

So, let’s see how I did with today’s shipment!

Total items listed: 196 (whew!)

Total buy cost: $653.84

Total Sales Value: $2512.70

Total Net Profit: $938.24

Pretty good considering I didn’t even get it all listed today. I only got to the two new companies so the products from the third are not in this update (those I need to create listings for so it will take longer). And from the two that I did list I had about 15 items flagged for Hazmat (UGH) and about 20 that I am waiting for the dimensions to filter to Amazon for so I couldn’t list them yet. And then there are the items that I was creating a bundle with and forgot to order one piece of it … yeah…they will have to wait until my next order from the company because it turns out shipping for four very small items is crazy expensive.

But I did get a lot listed and I will work on it more tomorrow. All in all a net profit of $938.24 for about 2 hours of work (spent ordering, listing, and prepping) is a VERY healthy hourly wage. 🙂

Tomorrow I have a lot on my plate between coffee with a friend in the morning and a school Valentine’s day party in the afternoon so other than filling grocery orders I don’t know how productive I will be. And then the kids are off for a four day weekend so at this point I’m just hoping to get the rest of the wholesale stuff taken care of and everything out the door to Amazon by the end of the week.

Have a great weekend!

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