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Holy plush, Batman!

Today was a one Goodwill kind of day because the one I went to is pretty far from my house and I also wanted to hit the discount grocery store in the same area.  I love this particular Goodwill and will be going at least once, maybe twice a week from here on out.

Today did not disappoint.  The aisles were packed with high value – low cost plush.  Woohoo!!

My big score of the day was a 24″ mint condition, tags still attached Gizmo from Gremlins.  He is the cutest and softest guy …I was tempted to keep him for myself.  But, when I researched pricing and realized I could likely get $95 for him (he cost me $3.97) I decided we should part ways.

I also found two (tags still attached) Kohls plush and you know how much I love those! One was $3.97 (the “Your all my favorite” bear trio) which I listed for $35 and the other was $1.97 (the Fox in Socks one ) and listed for $55.

And in non-plush finds I scored a new in the box One Step Ahead Bath Fun Shower for $9.99.  That seemed like a lot until I scanned it and saw that it was selling for almost $70 with no FBA.  I listed mine at $75.

Not many duds today, thankfully.

The Klutz Build a Pirate Ship was missing the pirate (something I should have noticed) and isn’t selling for that much to begin with.  It cost $2.97 but all is not lost because my kids can at least have fun building the ship and we have plenty of little figures around here to sail on it.

The other dud I can’t really count as a dud because it’s really just me wanting to keep it.  The Closetmaid Shoe Rack.  It cost me $6.97 and is selling for about $20 so I could definitely have listed it but I decided my mess of shoes needed it more.

The bottom line:

Buy cost: $49.08

Sales Value: $601.94

Total Net Profit: $407.23

And that is why I LOVE plush!


  1. Stacy,

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Those are some great plush finds. Too bad the Goodwill in my area destroys plush by marking them with permanent marker.

    I too enjoy selling plush. It’s one of those little known “secrets” about selling on Amazon FBA. To date, my best sale has been a Duffy bear that went overseas to a Prime buyer.

  2. Gremlins plush is a great find. Who is that little mustached man in your photo?

    Also, I’m pleasantly surprised by your plush listing prices. I rarely do that well with plush. I’ve pretty much given up on it.

    • Hi Cynthia!

      The mustached man is Friedrich Nietzsche from the Little Thinker Doll collection. I’ve sold a few of these guys but he is a new one for me. Don’t give up on plush…especially around the holidays. It can be long tail but in the end it usually sells and for great prices.
      Thanks for reading!!


  3. Do you think it’s better/easier to sell plush by FBA? Does it go fast enough to warrant the Amazon charge for that? I just “scored” quite a bit yesterday and want to get it listed & sold ASAP. Thanks!

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