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Happy Wholesale Wednesday!! Janaury 28th

Happy Wholesale Wednesday! This is my attempt at making sure I work on this important aspect of my Amazon business at least once a week. Instead of a haul this day I’ll be reporting what I did to help my wholesale lines along.

Today I had a shipment to list and while I won’t share what the products are I will share how many I listed and the bottom line:

Total items listed: 34
Total Buy Cost: $252 (this company does free shipping if you order $200 or more so I always make sure to hit that amount at least with each new order).
Total Sales Value: $1260
Total Profit: $726.48

In this line I am currently the only seller, FBA or MF. It’s a nice place to be and a fairly popular product. Right now I have the line priced at $35 to hit that magic number and I sell them fast enough to need to place a new order about once a month. I know I could sell a lot more and a lot faster if I lower those margins which is something I may be doing but for today I put them in at the prices I’ve been selling them at.

I also spent some time checking out some new options with another line that I carry (and again am the only one on Amazon right now). I already sell some of their items very well but they have a whole catalog of items I haven’t tested yet. Because I have placed many orders with them since the summer they have just approved me to have wholesale access right through their website which will streamline the process for me and I am much appreciative of. Today, I placed my first order this way for a few new items that I hope will be as big of a success as the others have been.

And finally I reached out to one new company to inquire about wholesale. It is a niche I have not sold in yet but am very interested in so I am hoping they are open to sellers on Amazon and have reasonable order requirements.

All in all a very productive day!

If you are curious about how to add wholesale to your own business model be sure to check out my book. I break down how I use both wholesale and retail arbitrage to round out my inventory …. a girl can’t live on thrifitng alone! 🙂

Have a great day!!

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