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Happy Spring!

I wish someone had told Mother Nature it was the first day of Spring. You certainly can’t tell it by the snow falling outside my window right now!

But, still. It is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. I am looking forward to warm days and flowers once again popping up all around. It’s been a long winter, for sure!

I spent another long week inside with sick children … first my son came home early Monday and was sick through until yesterday and today my middle child, Sarah, has the bug and is the newest patient to take up residence on the McCafferty sofa sickbed.

So, needless to say it wasn’t the most productive of weeks in any respect. I did get wholesale shipments listed out the door for the past three days thanks to orders placed last week, placed an order with a new company, and requested and gained access to another new company I will probably test with my next disbursement.

I guess that’s enough for this week. Here is hoping next week brings nice weather, healthy children, and lots of sales!

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