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Happy President’s Day

I’ve got one child recovering from a weekend illness today and everyone is off from school for Presidents day so it’s been a quiet day in (well, as quiet as three young kids can be – which is to say not very quiet).

It’s been an oddly productive day at least. I started off by finding out that my 2 month old Laptop had a cracked screen. Not a good thing I know BUT when I wrote Amazon to tell them about it they immediately told me to return it with a prepaid label and sent out a replacement via one day mail. I love Amazon!

Then I got about 170 pounds of product (including my two new wholesale lines) on the porch and waiting for UPS to carry them off.

And I’ve spent some time this morning working up orders and agreements with a few very promising new companies to sell wholesale. They are all products not being sold at all on Amazon yet which is a fantastic opportunity both for me and for the companies themselves as I bring their products to a whole new market. I can’t wait to get these items in and get to creating the listings and starting sales.

All of this has been made a lot easier by the addition of a second desk for me to work at. Actually, it started off a month or so ago as a desk for the kids in a corner of the playroom where I set up my old laptop so they could do some online homework. But, I quickly realized how nice it would be to be able to get some work done on the same floor as they are and I set up a spot for my Dymo label printer to stay hooked up, got a cabinet to sort my poly bags and other supplies, and a wall hanger to hold files organizing my grocery orders, incoming wholesale orders, and wholesale lines I still need to review, as well as the trade magazines I subscribe to. I even hung some nice little inspirational quotes above my desk … it’s all very comfortable and motivating. And neater. And (much) warmer than the basement office.

But, all of this exciting wholesale aside … I miss thrifting!!! Looks to be a snow day here tomorrow (at least a delay anyway) so if I do get out it won’t be before Wednesday and by then the grocery orders that will need filling will probably take up most of my time. But, as soon as I can sneak away for a trip or two I will!

Have a fabulous President’s Day!!

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