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Happy Halloween!

WHEW!! This week has been a blur between getting ready for the Halloween festivities with the kids and getting ready for a busy weekend ahead. I didn’t get to most of what I had planned this week (a common theme these days it seems) but I am glad I got at least one trip done and listed. Unfortunately, thanks to some problems on Amazon’s end that stretched for more than a full day, I never got to my wholesale listings or getting the stuff out the door. You should see my office right now. Actually, no I take that back … too scary even for Halloween!

I did notice a big uptick in plush sales and have quite a few “Cha-chings” to share with you next week. If you have plush waiting to go over – SEND IT IN!!

Today is filled with Halloween parties at the kids schools and then I will be taking my little monsters out for some candy fueled fun tonight. I’ll be back next week with some more goodies but it won’t be a business as usual week. My girls are off (yet again – do they ever go to school these days??) on Monday and have a half day Tuesday so although I will be taking them thrifting I won’t have it listed and posted until Wednesday. Here is hoping the system cooperates and I can get everything out by the end of the week and start fresh with a full week after that.

Have a fabulous Halloween and a wonderful weekend!! See you on the other side! 🙂

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