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Happy Friday!

It seems that lately my days don’t go as planned but I’m trying to roll with it.

Today’s plans were re-arranged thanks to the schools deciding it was too cold out to start school at the normal time and they had a two hour delay. This meant I didn’t drop of my little guy until 11am and I had to be back at the house to meet the dryer repair man at noon (when it rains it pours) so not much time to do anything more than get gas and grab some groceries.

Happily, while I was home two packages were delivered from two new companies I placed wholesale orders with so I was able to be productive after all. I listed the first one which is an item that may already be on Amazon but I’ spinning it with a new angle under a different category so I’m hoping to make some good margins on it. Sorry for being so cryptic but I am trying to give ideas and inspiration without giving away my sources.

Anyway, I listed 16 items (and made new, from scratch listings). The items cost me $68.96 and the net profit if they sell at my initial test price will be $169.04.

The second package had something I am really excited for. It’s totally out of my comfort zone and a real test but if it works it will be a great seller and definitely be worth the trouble. There was an item I found when searching “best of” and “best new products” lists in a niche I’ve been exploring a lot lately and I thought it would be a good seller. A quick search on Amazon showed me that nobody else was selling it. I followed the link to where it could be found (it was an Etsy site) to see if they would do a wholesale agreement and they were no longer selling the item. I actually couldn’t find it anywhere on line. So, this item that made some best of lists in the past year and comes up in Amazon search results (meaning others are looking for it) is now nowhere to be bought.

So, here is where I took a leap. I had another company make it for me. I had to order a minimum of 60 but the price was only $1.99 each so I went for it. I am thrilled with the finished product and got it listed today. I’m testing at a price that is $3 under where the person on Etsy was selling it at but I have a good feeling about the price ($14.99).

I sent in 60 of the item, paid $119.40, and if they sell at the $14.99 I will make $492.60 profit from the order. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile one of the two new brands I started selling this week has proven to be a hit and is selling very well. I’m already gathering another order since I’m selling out of some things. The other I haven’t sold any yet but I’m not sure that they are live on Amazon (some items are still being checked in from that shipment) … I need to look into that yet and hopefully that is the case or I’ll adjust my pricing.

That’s all from me today. Have a fabulous weekend!

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