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Happy Friday!! Today’s trip – September 19th

Hello!!  Today I decided to mix things up a little and go to a store I haven’t been to since last year.  It is about 20 minutes from my house and is one of a non-profit chain called Re-Uzit.  The stores benefit the Mennonite Central Committee which in turn provides food, health, school, and relief supplies for people in need locally and throughout the world.

I have been in a lot of thrift stores but I’ve never seen one as nice as this is.  It’s huge, two stories of goodies, and is set up and has the feel of a charming country store.  You definitely don’t feel like you are in a thrift store – until you look at the prices that is.  While they do mix in some items from local craftsmen that are more traditionally priced 85% of what is offered is at thrift prices and in most cases lower than even Goodwill.  And they set the store up by departments for you to browse through.  Truly a beautiful store.

While I have been before I missed a whole part of the second story – where all the games, toys, and plush were!!  It was amazing!  Aisles of toys, rows and rows of excellent condition plush.  I didn’t think to bring a cart upstairs so I picked up what I could carry and will be going back at least once but probably twice a week going forward.

After that I was in the neighborhood of another Goodwill so I made a quick stop in there too and picked up a few more things.

All in all I didn’t get a lot done because I spent so much time at that first thrift store exploring but next time will go faster now that I have seen everything and can just look for new items each time.

My best finds today were:

The Sesame Street Decals which I paid $4.97 for and listed for $45.

The Bear in a Big Blue House Plush which I paid $1 for and listed for $45.

The Halo Interactive Strategy Game which I paid $9.97 for an d listed for $49.

And the best find was (another!!!) of the One Step Ahead Bath Fun Shower (new in box) for $9.97 and listed for $75.  I mentioned these in a previous blog post after being surprised to see how much they were going for on Amazon with a fairly low rank.  Imagine how surprised I was to find another in the exact same place, at the exact same store!

Today’s Duds were:

NONE!!!  Not a single dud!  That rarely happens so I’m pretty excited!

Ok, let’s look at today’s bottom line and then go and enjoy the weekend!

I listed 12 items.

Total Buy Cost: $41.85

Total Sales Value: $499

Total Net Profit: $335.19

Stat tuned… more to come on Monday!


  1. Do your items ALWAYS sell? For the $ amount you listed them? You mention your “repricer” – how does that work? WHEN does it reprice your items? Thanks again – I’m still trying to figure all of this out and I appreciate your updates & information you have shared (not to mention I have 2 of your books 🙂

    • Most of my items sell… there will always be duds but over time they usually sell. Not always for the price I start them at. A lot of the time they do but if other FBA sellers come in they price might have to go down. And sometimes it even goes up. I use Reprice it ( to manage all of that. You can set the parameters you want to reprice at based on a minimum price and the other sellers on a listing. Hope that helps!! 🙂

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