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Happy Friday!!

Hi guys! It’s been a very busy week here for this girl! I got so much more done with my FBA backlog than I would have expected. So much so that I *should* be able to get the last of it out by next Friday!

I listed a little each day of this week and all told have 158 items heading to the warehouses today. To my surprise a lot of the items that weren’t on Amazon last year when I bought them now have listing so that made the process so much easier. I went through everything with a fine tooth comb and any items I could list I did, any items that I know are worth a lot but I couldn’t easily find doing a Google search I put in a box to research next week (there are about 20 items in this category), and I have two big boxes of items I’m going to donate back. They either weren’t high enough return for me to bother sending in or I found something wrong with them.

Since I last listed items Amazon has made some changes to what they allow to be sold under the toys category which affects some of what I sold. As of April there are a handful of categories under toys that you can no longer list in collectible condition. They must be new. So any items in those categories (building blocks are one that comes to mind) will be donated back.

I got 10 large and medium sized boxes for of inventory out today!

Here is how I did:

Total items listed: 158
Total buy cost $540.87
Total sales value: $4811.87
Total Net Profit: $2847.02

I also worked hard on Merch every day and since Monday have 100 new shirts live and for sale on Amazon (I’m allowed 20 uploads a day at tier 1000). The end of August and start of September brought a bit of a slow down to sales on Merch (for everyone) but I’m happy that this week it seems to be picking back up again and I expect sales to climb in the months ahead … especially as we really get into 4th quarter. I need to sell about 400 more shirts to tier up to 2000 so I’m hoping to get there by the end of October at the latest. Of course, that means 40 uploads a day so I’ll be uploading and designing like a crazy person but with my reduced FBA load and the kids in school it should be manageable.

As far as FBA goes I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want to do going forward. Especially in light of the changes to the toy category (my main bread and butter) and the high storage fees that have come into play in the past year or so I need to evolve my business model some. I think it makes sense for me to focus primarily on plush and toys that are new in the box. Once I get through that FBA stuff next week I’m going to be going through a large pile I have destined for donation so I can catalog everything for tax time and I think I’ll make a daily trip over with a donation to my favorite (and closest) Savers and when I drop off the stuff I’ll hit up the toy department and stock up on more plush and new toys.

The benefit to my primarily selling plush (for as long as Amazon allows that to be listed collectible anyway) is that the plush is easy to list and easy to check to see if it is in the proper condition (no game pieces to count, etc). It’s also easy to squish in a box which means fewer boxes. It’s lighter which means less strain on my back, lower shipping costs, and lower FBA fees. All around it seems to make sense. And the plush as the stores is amongst they lower priced items with the highest returns on FBA. Not to mention it is something that really sells year round (even if 4th quarter sees a huge rise in those sales).

With that I am off to design some more shirts. I’ve found it’s a good idea to “bank” as many shirt drafts as I can to have on hand. It definitely makes the weekends easier when I already have the designs ready to go and can just spend an hour researching and submitting.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next week!

Stacy 🙂

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