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Happy Friday!!

Hi guys!

I only had a chance to swing by a couple thrift stores this morning before I had to do some grocery shopping for the weekend and a BBQ we are having on Sunday. I had planned to list it all today but it is actually a nice day here for once and the weekend is supposed to be at least somewhat rainy so I am going to push that work off to next week and go enjoy the deck with my little guy.

My shipment from this week has reached Amazon and is in the process of being checked in. Only a small portion of it is live in my inventory so far but I have already sold the Kohls Snoopy plush that was in the batch for $45. I love plush!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back Tuesday with more updates!


  1. Hi Stacy! Some nice hauls you’ve been having! How long are you willing to leave things at Amazon before you have them tossed or returned? I just noticed I have some items that have been there at least a year and I think I will leave them there thru 4th quarter, price them at rock bottom, if need be, and any left, just have Amazon dispose of them. I probably just answered my own question:) Have you had any items sell after a really long time?

    • Hi Leah! Yes…I have been really pleased with the stores up here!

      To answer your question..I don’t let anything sit beyond a year. I have it set up so that they are automatically disposed of before it hits the year mark. For a long time I was requesting those items back but then I would wind up with more stuff to process and it just wasn’t worth it since they were likely all duds anyway.

  2. Thanks Stacy!

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