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Happy 4th Quarter!

Hello! Sorry I have been missing in action for so long but things have been really crazy here. Between the kids being home sick, half days/ days off, and the Thanksgiving holiday I haven’t been able to post my hauls or keep up with this blog. Not if I still want to have time to clean up the house, do the laundry, and decorate for Christmas anyway! But, I have still been out shopping and listing. Savers is in the middle of doing a special 30 percent off promotion so I have been focusing most of my efforts there.

Today I finally got out everything I have bought and listed since my last post and I currently have 12 very large and very full boxes waiting for UPS pickup later today. In all I am sending 333 items which I paid $973.70 for. The sales value of everything is a whopping $10,298.13 and once it sells I’ll be left with a net profit of $6643.57.

Sales are really picking up. It seems on the weekends is when they really go crazy and people are buying up a lot of my long tail, high priced items which is wonderful. The sales should continue to strengthen as we get closer to Christmas and tend to stay pretty strong through January when people are out shopping with gift cards or are buying things they didn’t get over the holidays.

All of this has me feeling pretty motivated so I am hoping to get out at least one more shipment in the next week or two before I take a break and enjoy the holiday hoopla. I probaby won’t be updating with hauls between now and then but I will be back with at least a mini update when the next shipment goes out.

Until then have a wonderful December!!

Stacy 🙂

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