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Going … Going… Gone!

I am off to a really rough start here today thanks to my oldest sharing her cold with me. But, there is work to be done and I am pushing through to do it. It is especially important because this will be three day work week for me as our fair arrives in town on Wednesday afternoon and I’ll be tied up from then on out with family time and field trips. So, for today there is no time for rest and I’m pushing myself out the door right after the kids leave.

I’m also pushing out a lot of boxes to UPS! What you see in the picture is all of the thrifted goodies from last week sitting on my porch and waiting to be picked up. I decided since I was only shipping once a week and because there are so many boxes I would pay for UPS to pick up on Mondays. It’s only about $5 a week and worth escaping the hassle of taking them over myself. If I ever have a small shipment week I’ll still do it myself but these big ones I’ll leave to them. Bringing the boxes up from the basement is enough physical work for one morning!

The polka dot bags you see in the background are Thred Up clean out bags. These are actually the 7-9th bags I have sent in the last week. If you haven’t checked them out yet and have closets to clean out can’t say enough wonderful things about this company! I usually go through our stuff with every change of the season and before I would donate our castoffs. Now I send them to Thred Up and typically earn around $200 for my effort. Not bad for clothes I used to make no money from! Unfortunately, they don’t accept Men’s clothes but they take everything else from womens and kids clothing to shoes, handbags, and accessories. And they send you the polka dot bags for fee with a pre-paid (free for you) shipping label back to them. I wait until I have a grocery order going out anyway and tack the pickup onto it so I don’t even have to run the bags over to the post office myself (USPS will only pick them up if there is at least one priority box going with them). If you want to check them out yourself and receive a $20 credit for your own shopping on their site just follow this link: I have also ordered clothing from them and never been disappointed!

Ok, well I guess I better get myself moving and start hitting the thrift stores. See you later today for an update!

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