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Getting Write to the Point this Friday


It’s National Day on writing so I thought that I should probably check in and do a blog post! The kids are off here today so I have some fun things planned for the day but first I’m getting a little work out of the way.

FBA is starting to crank up a bit and I STILL have that one last shipment to get out.  I did pick up a few plush this week though so I’ll need to add that and then get it out the door.

I started with a new service called Seller Bench that is auditing my FBA account and finding me money owed by Amazon.  So far in just a couple of days they have recovered $140 with still another $700 or so in claims to be filed.  They take 20 percent of anything they recover but since I wasn’t getting this money previously I think it is well worth it!

Merch is definitely cranking up now.  I just had my best week ever with 100 shirts sold in a 7 day period and I am only 80 shirts away from being eligible for a tier up to 2000.  Amazon actually did tier ups yesterday after about 3 weeks and I am very happy to report that my husbands account was bumped to tier 25!  So, now I’ll be uploading 2 shirts a day for him until he hits 25 and keeping my eye on the next prize – tier 100.

Earnings were reported for September on Merch and they were down from the month prior.  I was kind of expecting this because early September was sloooowww and shipping from Amazon was really slow towards the end of the month when orders did start rolling in (anything not shipped that month goes to the next months payout).  I wound up making $1215.80 for the month of September.  I expect my October earnings will be well above this and get me back on an upward path for profits.  My husband will get his first payout ever at $4.32.  His October will be higher as well.  Hopefully in the next year I can grow both of these accounts to a level where they are both in high tiers and making a high profit.

Etsy is starting to roll too now.  I’ve sold 12 shirts now at a profit of around $120.  I am so new to this space that I am not sure what to expect but I am guessing Q4 will show a lot of growth here too.

Between FBA, Merch, and Etsy it should be a very good Q4!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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