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Ga Ga for Grocery

Wow. Remember when I was saying I might get a few grocery orders a day this time of year? Well, this weekend I got 22 orders. All to fill today. To say I was kept busy today would be an understatement but I got them filled, boxed, and the pickup request filed with UPS so… go me!!

I think it was a result of Fall coming and people turning to comfort foods and all of the new items I added last week. Some I found to be be too hard and time consuming to fill and a few I found out really weren’t worth the work for the small profit but most I did pretty nicely on and todays work netted me a little over $300.

I went in and closed out the listings that aren’t worth my time and increased my inventory levels in the ones that are. I’ve already got another 5 orders lined up for tomorrow so it may be another busy day in that regard.

I did manage to get over to four Goodwills too and found some goodies at all but one. Unfortunately, with grocery orders and the thrift shopping taking up all my time today (well, except for a nice lunch at Sonic with my Kindergartener) I didn’t have time to do anything with the thrifted stuff. It’s sitting on my desk and from the looks of it I will probably wind up collecting more items tomorrow and Wednesday and then doing one big update Wednesday afternoon.

For now I’m exhausted and turning my brain off from work related things… 🙂 Have a fabulous night!

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