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Friday’s Trip

Friday was a busy day for the McCafferty family.  Not only did we have friends come in from out of town to stay the night we also ran the Bird In Hand 5k as a family (and with our friends).  It was a fun event and I’m SO proud of the kids.  My 8, 6, and 4 year old children competed right along with us and we had a great time.  My little guy, Aidan, was even the youngest registered runner!

But, all of this fun meant that my thrifting post had to wait.  I did finally manage to catch up so wait no more:

Friday I visited two Goodwill’s and did pretty well.

The duds were the Pelikan Cartidge Ribbon and the Mike (from Monsters Inc) figurine.  Neither was worth enough to bother listing so I tossed the cartridge ribbon and gave the figurine to my (very happy) son.

The big winner of the batch was the “Mama, Do you me” Doll.  I am not familiar with the book she was inspired by but it must be popular because she is worth a lot.  I paid .97 cents and listed her for $55.

Another good find was the three Brown Bag Cookie molds that I bought in a Tupperware for $3.97.  I listed the molds for $20, $25, and $35 and kept the plastic container for myself.  Bonus!

Oh and see that Tigger plush in the picture?  He’s a dangerous Hazmat issue. LOL!  Well, not really but Amazon flagged him as such so he will hang out with the snoopy plush from the other day until they clear them both.

So, those were the highlights – let’s see how I did!

The bottom line:

Total buy cost: $43.56.

Total sales value: $498.00

Total net profit: $323.57 (and a free storage container)

How did you do Friday?


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