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Friday’s trip

Sorry for the delay!  After a busy week of work, kids, and soccer Friday night arrives and I just want to put everything away and enjoy some down time with the family.  I did get out Friday shopping and did get everything listed at least.

I did my usual three Goodwill run and did pretty well.

The big scores of the day were:

A few vintage board games: Score Four (paid $1.97 – listed for $35), APBA Pro Baseball (paid $2.97 – listed for $45), and APBA Pro Basketball (paid $1.97 – listed for $75).

A couple of plush finds: Mr. Incredible (paid $2.97 – listed for $50), A vintage Furskin (paid $1.97 – listed for $35), Hallmark Polar Express Santa (paid $3.97 – listed for $50), TMX Cookie Monster (paid $2.97 – listed for $45), and Bubba on Board (paid $2.97- listed for $50).

A Kodak DC120 in original packaging – paid $3.97 and listed for $75.

The duds:

The Phanatic plush got claimed by my little Phillie’s fan, Aidan.  The puzzle and Nascar bear weren’t worth listing.

The bottom line:

Total buy cost: $60.46

Total Sales Value: $704.99

Total Net Profit: $477.69

A pretty good day!  I hope to have it boxed and ready to go out Monday morning and then I’ll start the process all over again!

Next week my son’s preschool finally starts offering lunch bunch which extends his preschool day by 2 hours for a small fee.  I will be enrolling him every day that they offer it and the older kids don’t have early dismissal. I’m excited because it will give me more time to source and I should be able to really increase my effort as we go into fourth quarter.  I plan on packing my lunch so I can eat in the car and spending the entire time sourcing and running personal errands.

Also as the weather is finally starting to cool again I have opened up merchant fulfilled grocery listings.  These are items that can’t be sold via FBA for various reasons (expiration date, packaging, etc) and for the most part items specific to my neck of the woods and therefore able to command a high price.  These orders add to my already hectic and busy days because I have to stop by certain stores to fill the orders and then package them myself and get them out for delivery.  Because of this I limit what I list to items where I will make at least $20 on the order after product cost and fees but I usually look to make at least $30 per order.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – I intend to do the same!  See you all Monday!



  1. Is that Pluto in the pic? I found the same one about 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t have a bar code, so I had to list on EBay.

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