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Finally back in the groove!

Whew! I am one tired puppy today. Not only did I list 461 items to Amazon and box them up for UPS to get them tomorrow but I also added 200 pounds of sand to our sandbox and entertained a little boy for most of the day. Is it any wonder my back is aching now? I’m headed to a comfy chair on our deck for some much needed relaxation as soon as I finish this update!

At any rate, it feels good to get back to work after far too much time off. I’ve had the product I ordered last week staring at me from my office (read corner of the kids playroom) for almost a week now. I managed to get through the bulk of it but I still have a box full of new (to Amazon) product to create listings for. That will wait for another day (hopefully this week).

Here is the breakdown of what I did today. These were items from 5 different companies. I’m still waiting on a delivery from one of my best sellers and once that gets here I’ll have another few hundred items to get off to Amazon.

Total items listed: 461
Total Buy Cost: $1980.43
Total Sales Value: $7729.12
Total Net Profit: $3347.66

I know that spending almost $2,000 on items is a lot but remember: You have to spend money to make money. All of the items that I listed are low sales rank and 90% are inventory I already sold out of. These items sell fairly quickly so I will get my investment back to put into more inventory in the next month. And that profit amount is after all fees including buy cost, Amazon fees, shipping, etc so you can really see why a wholesale business model works so well and for so much less work. I will profit $3347.66 in the next month on items I put in approximately 4 hours work for (about an hour and a half ordering, communicating with my vendors, etc and about 2 1/2 hours today to list and get the items in boxes to go out. Not bad at all!!

I’ll be back when I get my new shipment in and when I get to the items I have to create the listings for. Until then, I’m back off the clock and looking to enjoy some rest. Have a fabulous day!!

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