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Final Push for Q4 – Plush, plush, and more plush!

Hi guys!

The kids had off yesterday but today I’m back to work.  I’m planning to hit at least one Savers a day between now and Friday and then on Friday I’ll box everything up and get it over to Amazon so it can be received (hopefully) before Black Friday or at least by Cyber Monday.  After that I probably will step back from FBA until the New Year and focus on Merch.

In the Merch world sales are steady and both my account and my husbands are now eligible to “Tier Up” if Amazon sees fit to do another round of tier ups before January.  I’m not holding my breathe but it would be a wonderful surprise if they did.  I am eligible to move to tier 2000 and my husband to tier 100.  If it doesn’t happen this quarter though that’s fine and it will give me more to focus on come January.

I stopped by the closest Savers today and boy am I glad I did!  They had tons of great plush …. including lots of Winnie the Pooh in various holiday costumes for only $2.99 each.  I’ll do a tally at the end of the week of all going over but I thought for now I’d do a kind of “today’s haul” post (even though I forgot the picture).

Total items listed: 61

Total Buy Cost: $82.35 (and I earned a 20 percent off my next purchase.. woohoo!)

Total Sales Value: $981.12

Total Net Profit: $552.89

So, just over $550 in profit from one stop that took me a half hour and maybe an hour of listing (if that).  That is a good day!

I’ll be hitting my very favorite Savers tomorrow which always has the most plush so I expect another good haul.  I better get myself over to Lowes to stock up on boxes!

See you tomorrow!

Stacy 🙂


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