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Feeling productive!

Hi there and Happy Friday!

Just a quick update on my progress this week. I did manage to get 7 boxes of things together to go out to FBA and they are now sitting outside and awaiting FBA pickup. I also started listing another group of things and had thought about getting them out today too but since Amazon splits between warehouses it seemed like a better idea to wait and add to it all next week. That way shipping fees are a bit lower and I’m not wasting boxes on just a few items. Luckily, we have an unfinished area of the basement where I am able to list and put things in groups (like I normally would do right as I prepare a shipment) and then I can close the door on it and leave it until the next day of listing.

So, from what I got out today here are the numbers:

Total items: 107
Total buy cost: $459.53
Total Sales Value: $4357.24
Total net profit (after buy cost and FBA fees): $2712.36

Definitely off to a good start! I’m aiming for a shipment to FBA every Friday until it’s all cleared out so I’ll be working more on it later today and all next week leading up to Friday.

We got some exciting news on the Merch side of the business too! My husband was finally accepted to the program after having applied a couple months back. Amazon allows more than one Merch account per household as long as they are tied to different bank accounts. So, his account is now set up and ready to rock! He is starting at tier 10 with a limit of 2 uploads a day so the pricing strategy will be a bit different on my account but hopefully 4th quarter will work in our favor and his account will be at a decent tier by the end of it.

One of my friends and fellow FBAer (Hi Julie!!) also had her account approved yesterday so if anyone has applied in the past few months definitely check your accounts. I am working on a more detailed Merch post to share what I have learned in the past few months and hopefully help anyone who might be just starting out. So, be on the lookout for that in the next week.

I got my own 20 uploads up today and loaded the last of my Halloween designs. I have about 75 Halloween themed shirts up now so that is definitely good. I may look to add some more before I move on to uploading Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I feel like earlier is better so I can hopefully capture some early sales and have my shirts ranking really well when the buying begins in earnest. I’ve already sold a handful of Halloween designs (not even counting the ones I bought for me and the kids to wear this year) so there are at least some people out there shopping already!

Ok, it’s back to work I go! Have a fabulous weekend and happy selling!!

Stacy 🙂

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