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Ebay – Ugg Boots

It is no secret that I am not a fan of selling on Ebay. The listing, the wait to sell that I have to actively monitor (unlike the “set it and forget it” of FBA), the questions from customers, the shipping … not usually worth it to me when I can spend my time feeding Amazon.

But, there are a few categories I am not approved to sell in and two of the big ones are clothing and shoes. The requirements for approval outweigh my need at this point especially give that you can’t sell used items in these categories even if they are in like new condition. Usually, this isn’t a big deal but every now and then I find something spectacular at Goodwill and find myself back to selling on Ebay again.

This time it is a gorgeous pair of authentic Ugg boots that I found yesterday. I got them for $35 and they appear to be brand new – no scuffing on the sole, no signs of wear. I did a search on Ebay and there is one other of the same exact style for sale now but I have what I believe is a more common size. I decided in this case it was worth my time and effort and tossed them in the cart. Hopefully they make me a nice profit for my gamble!

One more thing… I found something interested when I went to list the boots this morning. It was far easier than I remembered!! I did it right from the mobile app and after finding the similar listing and selecting “sell one like this” I only had to make a few changes (size), type a description, and upload a few pictures which I could take and edit right from the listing screen. Wow!!

I won’t be going crazy with Ebay or changing my name to “Ebay Mom” anytime soon but this did show me that Ebay may be worth a little of my attention. I know I can still make a lot more (and for a lot less work) sending most of my items to Amazon but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more great finds in the clothing and shoe categories.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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