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Eating that elephant one bite at a time

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

I’m going to be completely honest here.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by everything, and I know I can’t be alone.  I can have the best plans come the beginning of the week and by the end of the week I am beating myself up that most of it didn’t get done.

A post this morning on a Facebook group I am part of (The FBA Flip Side – check them out) made me really sit down and consider this today.  What I’ve realized is that lately I’ve been “goofing off” far more than I should be entering into Fourth Quarter (tomorrow!!).  What I’ve realized is that I have simply put too much on my plate and it is making me want to throw my hands up and do nothing at every opportunity.

My kids and husband come first.  No if, and’s, or buts about that.  That is the way it should be and the way I want it to be.  But, between the three kids and their various school and sports schedules I am one busy Momma just coming out of the gate.  And with my husbands busy work schedule and demanding class schedule nights are for us to reconnect and weekends are for the family to reconnect as a whole. That time is sacred to us.

But, add to that my growing Amazon business.  I really thought that I would be out thrifting every single day from the time I drop my son off until the time I pick him up from preshool each day.  I still do get out a lot but it’s not as often as I would like.  So, what happens?  Grocery trips, volunteering in the kids classes, and someone needs to clean up this house and do the laundry at least some of the time.

And then add to that my (newer) life as the Amazon Mom.  I adore this blog and love interacting with all of you.  And I love that it keeps me motivated to list the items I buy the same day (in most cases).  But, from there they have been sitting in my basement office waaay longer than they should be.  And I’d like to do much more with this blog.  I need to get my newsletter up and running, I need to update some pages, and I need to build more of a base so that we can learn from one another and get even more interaction going. So, add that to the to-do list.

Then there is the book I’m working on.  I love writing and I’m making progress, but it’s not going as quickly as the first two did this summer (when I had nothing but time on my hands).  And then there is my Facebook page and all the wonderful new members that have been joining daily.  And did I mention I’m also working on an app for the blog?

So, that is family and work.  The last piece of the puzzle is me time.  I need to connect with my friends and enjoy their company so I also fit in the occasional lunch and cup of coffee here and there.

A million small things but put them all together and it adds up to a big to-do list.  When i finally get an hour to dedicate to something I can’t decide what to work on, throw my hands up, and veg out.

This brings us back to that pesky elephant.  I’m sure you all have similar stories.  Too much to do, too little time, so you do nothing.  Or you do it all but just a little so nothing seems to get completely done in a way that you would like.  The saying goes that you can’t eat an elephant in one bite – you can’t do everything all at once – but taking small bites and focusing on one thing at a time …. well, you will be done that elephant before you know it.

I’m working on this in my own life and trying to plan different days for different tasks.  How are you balancing things in your own life? Let’s help each other  – I’d love to hear your  suggestions and strategies!


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