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Cycling through the seasons of life and business

It seems like my business and my attention to it go in cycles and almost with the seasons. Fourth quarter I’m very focused on moving items that I find thrifting into the warehouses and out the doors to customers. It’s exciting and certainly FUN … but it is a LOT of work. For those months I spent most of every morning scouring the thrifts and all afternoon listing and boxing.

Right now I’m at a spot where I’m focusing on other things. The kids (now that they are healthy again) have a lot going on at their schools and are all about to start Spring sports. I’ve started to make time for myself again and have taken back up running with some races planned over the next year. And I’ve shifted into mostly a wholesale model for my business (with some RA with my grocery sales).

It’s funny because I feel like I’m working on my business less than I have in a long time and yet it is doing a lot better than it has in a long time (not counting fourth quarter). It’s nice to see that my hard work finding wholesale sources has paid off and I can relax into this model for a bit now. That isn’t to say I’m not working but now it’s a few hours a week and not many hours a day. Definitely a step up!

But, that thrifting backlog in the basement still taunts me and I will be getting to it one day in the not too distant future. I feel like I need to start fresh so I think I’m going to search out the items and whatever I don’t find I am going to just donate back and take the tax deduction next year instead.

I’m enjoying life right now and I hope you are too!

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