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Christmas Vacation starts….. NOW!!!

Hello everyone!

I decided that I would do one last thrifting push this week and then get it all out today. Anything that has even a hope of reaching Amazon and being processed in time for pre-Christmas sales really needs to leave by today to even have a chance. So once I hit post on this blog entry I will be taking a few weeks off and focusing on other (more Merrier) things until after the new year. I worked hard in the months leading up to this to get my inventory pumped up as much as possible so I figure this is the perk I get for being lucky enough to do what I do!

I have 194 items being sent to Amazon today which cost me $432.50 to purchase. The sales value is $4218.66 which will give me a nice profit of $2549.77. Not bad for 4 days of shopping!

I’ll be back to work sometime in early January but won’t be doing any thrifting until I get through the massive backlog of items I need to research and create listings for. That will probably take a month or two judging from the stack I have going. After that I’ll be back to hitting the thrift stores again until the kids are off on summer break.

This year has been one of big changes for our family with the move from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island. I was fortunate that I could put my business on hold while we tried to sell the house in PA and during the move here and even more fortunate that I was able to easily able to jump right back in once we got settled. Who knew RI thrift stores would be even better than PA?! I will never take for granted how lucky I am to have found something so flexible to replace my old full time salary (and did I mention really, really fun?).

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year! I will see you in 2017!!!



  1. Hi Stacy, I’ve been running into some trouble trying to list some toys. I am not able to list them as “collectible” only new, which I don’t understand since they are retired toys and no longer made. Are you experiencing this and how are you handling it?

    • Hi Leah! I’m so sorry that it took me so long to reply!! I haven’t had this happen and just listed a lot of toys. Are you still having the problem? I’m hoping that it was just a temporary glitch for you!

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