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Christmas in August

I had a little time today between dropping the kids off at summer camp, going for a run, and picking them back up.  I found myself, as I often do, over at closest Goodwill for a quick look around.  Short visits feel longer when I’m not also corralling three kids and I enjoyed myself for a bit.

I also found some excellent things to sell.  Christmas ornaments, of all things!  Why buy Christmas items in the summer you may ask?  For one, the holidays will be upon us at any moment … but even if they weren’t people really do buy Christmas stuff all year round.  Crazy, but true!

I lucked my way into a collection of still in the original boxes, vintage Penn State Christmas ornaments!  I live in Central PA so Penn State items frequently turn up at my local thrifts and are always great sellers.  At only 97 cents each they very quickly went into my cart!  I still need to do some research and see if they might be even more valuable than the $35 a piece that I can easily get for them but either way I’m a happy girl! I expect that between the three ornaments, a few new wall stencils, and some vintage sports patches I found my 20 minute swing into the store should net me at least $175 and maybe more if the ornaments are highly collectible. Not bad for a (tiny portion) of a days work!

I also found a few new (to me) dresses that will be great for vacation.  Hey, never let it be said that this job doesn’t have it’s perks!

Did you go thrifting today?  I’d love to hear about your big finds of the day!

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