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Cha-ching! Sales are ramping up!

I share a lot of what I am sending in and although I do expect to sell 90 percent of the items I send for close to the price I start them at I think it is nice to share what has actually sold and what prices I am getting for them. Both because we are approaching the all important 4th quarter and because I have sent two shipments in the past two weeks … things are starting to sell a quicker rate!!

The following big ticket items sold in the past couple of days (along with a handful of smaller sales) :

Disney Bear in the Big Blue House Tutter 7″ Plush Mouse – paid $4.99 and sold for $55.

The Jumbo Wonder Woman – paid $1 and sold for $55.

The Leap Reader Map – paid $4.99 and sold for $55.95.

The Charlie Brown Kohls Plush – paid $2.99 and sold for $28.95.

Eeyore plush – paid $2.99 and sold for $35.

It isn’t even October yet so I am very happy with the sales at this point and really excited for what the next few months bring. Gotta keep feeding the beast!

Stacy 🙂

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