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Cha-ching! Penn State

I live in Penn State country and often come across a variety of Penn State merchandise and collectibles.  Many times thye are not listed on Amazon yet but when I see them at the local thrift stores I almost always pick them up.  They can be long tail items but with so many Penn State fans out there and so many gift giving occasions they do sell and often for a great price.

This Penn State tractor trailer in the picture just recently sold and I thought I’d share it with you guys since it was a definite home run.  I paid $4.97 for it back in August and sold it this weekend for $56.91 (don’t ask me about that odd price… my re-pricer did it).

And it doesn’t have to be Penn State … there are a lot of popular college teams and plenty of goodies out there to find.  Definitely keep an eye out on your next trip!


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