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Cha-Ching! It’s a plush rush!

You guys know how much I love buying and selling plush! It sells all year but especially so during 4th quarter as customers are looking for special gifts and hard to find items. There are so many kid shows and movies that are still loved and watched but that no longer have toys being made for them and that is where we come in. It is easy to find these treasures thrift stores and easy to get a great profit out of them!

I always share what I buy and hope to get for my finds but today I am going to share a handful of the plush sales I have made in the past week or so… starting with the mouse in the picture above. He was part of my September 18th trip and I paid $1.97 for him. He sold last week for $50.00!

But, wait … there’s more!

* The Little Einsteins Classical Leo (also from the Sept 18th trip)- sold for a whopping $75.00!
* The Mama Do You Love Me? Plush – sold for $47.94 (my re-pricer set that odd price).
* Dino from the Flintstones plush – sold for $38.00.
* Talking Bob the Builder – sold for $35.00.
* Gracie the Boyds Bear – sold for $36.57 (another re-pricer amount).
* Shrek the Third Baby Doll – sold for $34.65.
* Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Bear – sold for $49.44.
* Rainbow Brite Red Butler Plush – sold for $35.00.
* Lala Loopsy Dynamite – sold for $35.00.

And that is just in the past week and a half and only those that sold for around $35 or more. I had a handful of others sell for $15-$25. Not bad for plush I picked up for anywhere from 97 cents to $2.97!

I haven’t always sold plush but you can see why once I discovered it plush quickly became one of my favorite things to source. For the longest time I ignored that section completely and then this book changed my mind:

That title makes me smile every time!! I was lucky enough to pick it up during a free promo but even at the current price if you are thinking about selling plush it is well worth the $6.99. I still look back through it from time to time!


  1. Does plush fall under a gated category on amazon (like food or toys)?

    Love your blog 🙂

    • Hi Laura! Plush is under toys (or should be anyway). Toys is not specifically gated but you do need to be approved to sell toys merchant fulfilled during the holidays (Amazon has a specific criteria and they let you know – no need to apply). If you sell toys FBA there are no restrictions. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry, how much did you sell the mouse for? I’m reading $SO.

    • Um yeah… that is what I get for trying to fit a blog post in during a busy morning.. lol. That should read $50.00 (and it has been corrected on the post). Thanks Marisa!!

  3. I’m having a plush week, too! I sold a Santa Ugly Doll for $35, a Holiday Tigger for $27.95, a Vermont Teddy Bear for $15, and a Beethoven plush dog for $45, all in the last week. I started looking at this stuff thanks to your blog, so thanks 🙂

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