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Cha-Ching! Glow in the dark – stretch Scooby Do

I got this flexible guy back at the beginning of September for $3.97. It was back when the stores had a lot of Halloween stuff starting to show up and I always check the holiday areas for character and special brand items. As soon as I saw Scooby I knew he was a winner!

He is like one of those Stretch Armstrong’s of the past only he also glows in the dark where the bones are. So cool!!

He sold today for $75! Cha-ching!!


  1. Woot!! You have a really wonderful business model. Inexpensive (to you) items selling with great margins. Great job.

    My question is, how do you handle returns? Does Amazon return it to you, or do they throw it out?

    • Hi Leah! Thank you … it definitely is all of that and fun to boot! 🙂 I have Amazon return the items to me. The way it works is that Amazon gives them 30 days to return the item. If they don’t then I get credited the refund back to my account. If they do receive it back then I can either have Amazon return it to me or destroy it. Returns cost 50 cents an item to get back and 15 cents to destroy. I have my account set to automatically send me the returns. A lot of times a customer will say that the item is damaged or defective because they know that Amazon waives the shipping cost for the return if they say that. I get it back, look it over, and if I can still sell it I relist and back it goes. Otherwise I throw it out here.

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