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Cha-Ching!! Giant Learning Dinosaur

I like to post some of the really good sales both so you guys know what to be on the lookout for and so you can see some of my “potential” sales turn into real money. Today’s item is a good one!

You may remember this guy from back at the very end of September. I do because I paid far more for him than I am usually comfortable paying at a Goodwill: $12.97. I even scanned him in the store because I wanted to make sure the potential profit was worth the risk of that higher price tag and it looked like it was so I picked it up.

It turns out it was worth the risk – he sold yesterday for $75.00!



  1. Hi stacey. Hpw were you able to sell this? I found a turtle very similar but amazon prohibited me from selling it unless it was new. Thanks

    • Hi Jill – your listing must have been under baby where the item has to be new. This one was already created under toys and I just hopped on! 🙂

      • Nice. I probably should’ve bought the turtle – it was only $6 and was practically brand-new but since I wasn’t sure if I could sell it, I didn’t buy it.

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