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Question from reader, Saki – Phone/Plan for Sourcing

Today’s question comes from a new reader and it’s another great one! “Hi, Stacy! I downloaded your book ” Amazon Mom” ( be honest, only one book so far, but already been motivated and I will read another two more soon ), you are so my inspiration in my life, thank you so much for writing such an awesome book, ...

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Question from reader Sarah

Today’s question is another great one! Sarah writes: “My question is about FBA products that were sourced through thrifting. What do you do when someone messages you a question about a product in your FBA inventory and you don’t know the answer? Is it okay to answer “I don’t know” bc the product is not in my possession anymore? Thank ...

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Jill asks – I answer!

Today’s question is a great one about pricing and comes from a new reader named Jill. Jill writes: “Hi, Stacy. I just read your book, Amazon Mom, and have purchased a few things at a couple of thrift stores in my area. I now want to sell them on Amazon but I’m not sure how to set the price. I ...

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Questions from reader Marisa

The very first questions comes from reader, Marisa.  Thank you for getting us started!! Marisa writes:  Thanks so much for your blog. I check it everyday. I’m so happy you’re taking questions.   1. If I buy a new game from Goodwill, but the shrink wrap is starting to come apart, can I re-shrink wrap it, and still sell it as new? ...

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Ask the Amazon Mom!

You have questions.  I’ll do my best to get you the answers.  Introducing my newest feature: Ask the Amazon Mom!! Email me your questions to (please put “Ask the Amazon Mom” in your subject line) and once a week I will be picking the best questions(s) and answering them here on the blog.  I can’t wait to see what ...

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