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Catching back up

It’s been almost a week since my last post but today was the first day I’ve really been back to work. This past weekend the dreaded stomach bug hit our family and it wasn’t until Wednesday that everyone was on the mend and back to school. And since Wednesday is my day to help with my daughters class AND I am working on a new running program to get ready for a race in May I didn’t have much time for anything other than that and filling a bunch of grocery orders that I hadn’t been able to get to.

It felt nice to get back to work today! I started the day off with a much needed run, and then hit a couple grocery orders and got some packages out. After that I was able to sit down and place wholesale orders. This is my bi-weekly pay week so the Thursday of that week I take the cost of goods I was paid back (about $1800 of my total disbursement was cost of goods coming back) from sales and put it right back into new product. I’ll be busy next week once that all starts rolling in but for now I think I am done with work for the week aside from grocery orders.

I took a long hard look at my overflowing basement work area today too and it really needs my attention. I’m hoping that I can take next week to get the new wholesale orders out and get my house cleaned from top to bottom so that frees me up the following week to start working through it. Once I do I’ll be back with some thrifting type posts and have some hauls to share (albeit ones that I purchased last year). So, stay tuned!!

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