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Bonus weekend trip and wholesale order

Yesterday I needed to run out for a few grocery items (it seems like this happens a lot these days – yesterday a sudden taco craving was to blame) and I took my six year old daughter along with me.  The grocery store is in the same shopping center as my favorite Goodwill and since there is nothing Sarah likes more than going shopping with her own money (thanks Tooth Fairy!) we made a stop before heading home.

Sarah found a few treasures while I did a quick scout of the store to see if anything new had come in since the day before.  As you can see in the picture – it had!

My best find was the Marcella Pedestal Cake Plate which I paid $3.97 for and listed at $40.

My worst find was the Martha Stewart Martini Shaker.  This would have been a good find had it contained the martini shaker instead of a random red pillar candle.  Let this be a lesson to you… if it is not in a sealed package always open everything at Goodwill and make sure it is what you think it is.  I paid $1.97 for a martini shaker but instead am the proud owner of a lovely new candle.  Oh well, live and learn.

Total Buy Cost: $22.70

Total Sales Value: $245.90

Total Profit: $157.91

So, that half hour detour into the thrift store paid for yesterdays groceries many times over.

A wholesale order also arrived so I went ahead and listed the items.  This is a re-order of items that sold out so it was quick to list and get ready to ship over to Amazon.

Total Buy Cost: $196.00

Total Sales Value: $988.76

Total Profit: $522.92

Again, wholesale does have a bigger upfront investment but it’s stable, easy, repeatable income.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – I’ll be back Monday with a new trip to share!



  1. Hi Stacy – I love your blog. Just getting into doing some of this now. Is the plush you find at Goodwill new? Or can you sell these used on Amazon, as well?

    • Hi Julie! Thank you so much for stopping by!! I find some new plush at Goodwill but the majority is used. I only buy gently used items that are in excellent condition and I grade them very conservatively (for example if it is like new I usually list as very good with comments detailing the exact condition). But, to answer you question – yes, used plush can be sold on Amazon as well and can do very, very well!

  2. Thanks so much Stacy! I appreciate the advice. Love seeing your finds. 🙂

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