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Bon Voyage – September 30th!

I am on a roll lately! This makes three Friday’s in a row I have gotten out a decent sized shipment and sent it on it’s way to make me money. Go me!!

This time they split it between only 4 shipments which was great and in all it is 8 boxes going out. There are 170 items, which cost me $497.21 to purchase, have a combined sales value of $6426.32, and will net me about $4329.06 once the sell in the next couple of months.

My goal from now until the end of the year is to make the UPS pickup fee (about $8) worth it by sending out at least $4000 in net profit a week. That will all start rolling back in to me mid-Oct through early January during the happiest sales time of the year. Bring on 4th quarter!!!

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