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Big changes ahead

Hi guys!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. During this time of year I am usually busy shopping and posting daily haul updates as I frantically work to build my inventory and cash in on 4th Quarter Sales.

The reason I have been so quiet is because my husband has been given a great career opportunity and we have made the decision to relocate our family to Rhode Island so he can pursue it. Adding getting ready to list our house next month to my already packed holiday schedule and it made sense to take some time off from working.

But, don’t worry because the moment I get set up in our new home (hopefully with office space for me!) I will be hunting out new stores and sharing my finds with you again. I’m really excited about what this move will mean for us and excited to check out a new area!

I will still pop in from time to time if I have something to share (or just to say hi) but don’t expect any more “Today’s Haul” posts until we get settled again.

Until then – have a fabulous holiday season!

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