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Beware of Kohl’s – My story (Updated 11/25 with a very happy ending!)

Hi guys! This post is a departure from my usual topics but I wanted to share something that happened to me and hopefully save you guys some trouble down the road. And I am really sad that a company I have been a big fan of for a very long time would treat a long time customer the way they treated me. I guess I should just stick with Amazon for my online shopping needs because I know they are so great to deal with.

Anyway….. here is my story:

It starts last October when someone hacked my Kohl’s account and purchased two laptops to be delivered to their home in Texas. To their credit, Kohl’s caught this right away and called me before filling the order. I verified that I did not place said order and they cancelled it. I also opted to have a new account created because my number was now out there with someone else. They created the account and issued me my new cards and life went on.

Fast forward to last month and I ordered some pajamas online from Kohl’s. After some time I hadn’t received them and called in to find out that they had cancelled the order because they could not verify the address. It turns out that when the rep created the new account they copied over my address beginning but also the full address of the fraudulent Texas purchaser. Again, they caught this problem, apologized, told me they removed the address, and shipped out the order to me at my correct address.

So, I had no worries last week when I placed an order for three items online with Kohl’s. No worries, until yesterday I received an email saying part of the order was delivered and had not received anything. I tracked the package with the info they provided and wouldn’t you know it… that darn Texas address was back again and they sent it to them!

I first contacted Kohls via online chat but gave up when the agent suggested I “call Fed Ex and see if they can get it back”. I thanked them and told them I would call into Kohls customer service and see if I can get someone to help. I actually got three someones to talk to me as they kept having to bounce me to another department. Again they assured me the address was removed and shows correctly now but they refused to refund the purchase. I even had it taken to a Supervisor and was told that because I placed the order online I am responsible for not catching that they had the incorrect address there.

From there I emailed corporate and was basically told that they are sorry I am unhappy and that they will be losing me as a customer and they will share my comments with the appropriate people.

Great, thanks Kohls. I’m really sad because I love shopping Kohls and have done back to school and Christmas shopping with them for so long. But, at this point I don’t trust that they care about the data integrity of their accounts or me as a customer and I’m saying goodbye and taking my business to Amazon where it probably should have been all along. .

As a small business owner I have dealt with order problems along the way. Some were my fault and other times not so much but I have never once treated a customer like this. I have issued refunds much bigger than the $50 order I was asking Kohl’s to refund and I am a lot smaller company. But, even more importantly I have never lost sight of the saying “the customer is always right” and have always believed that in the end it is far more important to have a happy customer than to win an argument” and I have the 100 percent feedback score to prove it.

Do I think that I should have checked the address more closely when I placed the order knowing the issues I have had up to this point? Of course. But, do I also think that Kohl’s could have taken the opportunity to provide excellent customer service at a very small cost to their company bottom line? A thousand times yes. And in the end that shows me all that I need to know about their company.

Do you have a Kohls (or other big retail store) nightmare story of your own? Share in the comments! Misery loves company…. 🙂

UPDATE – November 20th – I replied to the customer service email saying this:

I am very sad to see that this is how Kohl’s treats a long time customer. All that needed to be done was an apology and a refund of my order but instead the blame was put on me and no refund. I am sorry to say that Kohls is not the company that I thought it was and I will be cutting up my Kohls charge and giving all of my business to Amazon (they certainly would have made this right for me if the problem had been on one of their orders).
I’ll also be sharing my experience with the readers of my blog… they deserve to be warned before they spend any more of their hard earned money with a company that cares so little about security of their accounts that they transferred a fraudulent address to a new account and then shipped an order to them. So, if nothing else at least I can help one of my readers from having to go through something like this with Kohl’s themselves.

This morning I receive another email back:

Dear Stacy,

I appreciate your email regarding your online experience. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Here at Kohl’s, we want to improve your shopping experience by providing excellent service. I understand your concern and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. utilizes Secure Sockets Layering (“SSL”) to encrypt the information you provide (including, but not limited to, name, address and credit card number as it is transmitted across the Internet to This means you should not be able to place an order through an unsecured connection.

Although we will take reasonable security precautions regarding your personal information collected from and stored on the Site, because of the open nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that any of your personal information stored on our servers or on those of our third parties, or transmitted to or from, will be free from unauthorized access or disclosure. Accordingly, and as set forth in our Legal Notices, we disclaim any liability for any unauthorized access to, disclosure or damage to, interception of, theft, or loss of any data communications and/or personal information. By using the Site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to assume these risks.On behalf of Kohl’s, I apologize for any inconvenience it has caused you. I hope this issue will not result to any inconvenience that would affect your continuous patronage with Kohl’s. We truly value your loyalty and are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Thank you for choosing Kohl’s!

Please call (855) 564-5705 and any of our Customer Service Representatives or Fraud Specialist will be able to assist you. Our lines are open from 7am to 10pm Central Time, Monday through Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 10pm Central Time.

As one of our valued customers, I would like to offer 15% off with free shipping on your next online purchase. Simply reply to this email with the order number so I can make the necessary adjustments. Just make sure that your order is not set as Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPUS) purchase and the items are not included in our list of exclusions.

Also, I shared your comments with the appropriate management teams at our corporate office. We are continually looking for ways to best meet the needs of all customers and in turn, improve your experience. Your feedback is appreciated, and will be taken under careful consideration.

Stacy, I’m sorry for your online experience. I hope to see you at where you can enjoy great savings and convenient shopping. Have a great day!

Jayson S.

I appreciate the reply however there still isn’t a resolution. In my initial email I provided the order info and they could have (should have) by this point refunded it. At the very least a direct line to call someone familiar with the case and able to resolve it would have been great. I am not interested in calling back into the general customer service line and having to tell my story to more agents who likely are not going to help me and just leave me even more frustrated.

And while I appreciate the attempt to appease me with a refund I always get free shipping using my MVP card account and they run 30% discounts at least a couple times a month. So, thanks but I would just like the order I didn’t receive refunded and I would like to move on. 🙂

A friend of mine did something pretty awesome yesterday… she posted my story and her own frustration at hearing what I have been through with them on their Facebook wall. They provided her an email address (different than the customer service one I have been communicating through) and asked me to email them.

I sent an email this morning with a link to the Facebook post and copied the whole communication that I have had through the customer service email and will give this this one last chance. But, at this point I am not holding my breath.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted!!

Update 11/25: I am thrilled to report that I finally found someone at Kohl’s who understood the problems I was having and provided the customer service I had been looking for from the beginning of this ordeal. I did email the Facebook address as I said and was lucky to have Lora step in. She immediately took control of the situation by not only reaching out to both their corporate office and the fraud department to make sure that this wouldn’t happen again to my account and issuing the refund I had been seeking but she truly understood my concerns and voiced a sincere apology. It was very much appreciated and as I told her in an email back she saved Kohl’s for me. I have decided to give Kohl’s another chance and snatched up a killer deal on girls boots that they had yesterday. The address was correct in the system now and I trust that with Lora in my corner I will not have any other problems.


  1. I don’t have any terrible stories like that but I did have a pretty awful experience a few years ago after ordering something online. So sorry to hear about your bad experience! Definitely makes me hesitant to order from there online again

  2. Wow, wow and did I say WOW! WHAT in the world is wrong with Kohl’s? I’m glad I haven’t shopped there in a while and I really don’t plan to do it soon based on your experience. All they gave you was excuse after excuse after excuse & some legalese that made my brain tired and I read legalese for a living! I’m really sorry they’re putting you through this and blaming you for their mistakes. You’re right – Amazon would’ve made it right immediately. I hope they at least give you your money back. Good luck & let us, your loyal readers, know how it goes

  3. I’m glad Kohl’s finally fixed the problems you had but it still doesn’t excuse the poor customer service you got prior. But I also understand about getting/giving 2nd chances so let us know how they do in the future. Happy Holidays!

    • Yeah, I have mixed feelings about Kohl’s now. They did FINALLY fix the problem but not after making me jump through all kinds of hoops. They definitely fell a lot in my eyes.
      And that order that I made… they wound up cancelling part of it because they “sold out”… although it was still available on the website. LOL. I definitely will be doing a lot less business with Kohl’s than I did in the past.

      • Kohls really didn’t fix the problem. The issue is still their. My mother just went through an incident similar to Stacy’s. However kohls ended up not charging her for the product that she didn’t purchase ( without hesitation) which is a relief but to me it smells a little fishy….. from now on we’re going to be shopping in the store instead of shopping on their online store.. Get it together Kohls!!!!

        • Oh no! I was really hoping my problem was an isolated one. I am glad it worked out for you mother though. I have stuck to the brick and mortar store myself. They definitely need to get it together!

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