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Back to reality

After a wonderful and very relaxing 2 week vacation with the family I am back to the reality of things.  And by that I mostly mean laundry.  Lots of laundry.

My two girls started back at school on Monday (1st and 3rd grades respectively) but my little guy is still home this week.  To be honest with the promise of all three kids in school 5 days a week starting next week I don’t have much inclination to go thrifting with him in tow this week so I’m not.  Instead, I took a little time to place re-orders on my big wholesale sellers and other than that I’ll be enjoying some one on one time with my preschooler while I can and getting the house in order so I don’t have to do it next week when I plan to dive back into Amazon.

I’ll be back after Labor Day and ready to start thrifting my little heart out again.  Stay tuned because I’ll be dishing on my daily trips and sharing some of my biggest finds (and biggest flops).  See you soon!!!

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