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Back in the swing of things!

Well, it seems that yesterdays day of Wholesale has really gotten my wholesale motor going again. After my post I spent some time in the late afternoon re-ordering a few more of my wholesale lines and reaching out to two more companies that I would love to sell for.

One of my long term goals is to set up a separate website in a specific niche that I like selling wholesale in so that people searching for these type of items can go to one spot and not have to search through all of my inventory to find it. It would be through Amazon and fulfilled by them still but it would be a separate platform (they offer this service). I’d like to get this up and running sometime next year so my plan this year is to test as many new wholesale lines that are a good fit for Amazon within this niche as I can so I have a good selection of proven winners to include on my site.

I also want to cross sell my wholesale lines on Ebay and have Amazon fulfill those orders (they offer this service) but before I can do that I need to find a service that I look which will monitor that and make sure I don’t oversell on either venue. Probably something I will will work on this summer…

But, for now adding wholesale, some thrifting, and getting through the basement backlog are my main focus and I am happy to report that I did get through some backlog today! Actually I got through half of a large Lowe’s box filled with puzzles and games so I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. Tomorrow I hope to finish the other half of the box and then use it to ship everything out to Amazon on Monday.

I am going to do a breakdown like I normally do with my thrift hauls and include the buy cost even though it was an expense incurred in the past and not money I put out this week.

Total items listed: 11
Total Buy Cost: $21.67
Total Sales Value: $273.99
Total Net Profit: $177.42

These were all items that I previously couldn’t find existing listings on Amazon for so I was really pleased that all but one now have listings. I created a listing for the one I still couldn’t find and the whole process only took about an hour. There were two puzzles I still couldn’t find on Amazon and my searches on Ebay showed they were not worth much at all so I decided to keep them and do them with the kids on a rainy day.

Let’s see … coffee with a dear friend this morning, grocery shopping and filling an Amazon order without any kids in tow, and cleaning out half a box of basement backlog for a potential profit of $177.42… not a bad day at all!

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