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After a too short weekend here we are again… Monday!

Today was a busy one for me with the morning spent filling grocery orders and getting packages out, the afternoon spent at a dentist appointment for my son,and baton practice for my daughter this evening to round things out.

It’s a wonder I got anything else done but around all of that I fit in submitting for approval to two gated categories (jewelry and clothing – wish me luck!) and listing wholesale orders from 4 new companies.

Company #1:

18 items listed, $285 buy cost, $207.54 net profit. The rank on these products is VERY low so I expect them to move fast. The company also included a bunch of awesome free samples for me. I love that!

Company #2:

2 items listed, $63.98 buy cost, $35.22 net profit. A big up front outlay but I’m intrigued by the product and was grateful that the company allowed me to test only two (their order minimum is usually 25).

Company #3:

67 items listed, $57.50 buy cost, $370.72. VERY excited about this one.

Company #4:

21 items listed, $115.50 buy cost, $95.97 net profit. This one is currently not sold on Amazon and there isn’t anything exactly like it out there so once it gets noticed it should take off. The company was even wonderful enough to include one for me as a gift!

I received info in from a company I contacted last week so I’ll be going through that tomorrow or Wednesday and getting an order ready. I also got approved for wholesale from what I thought was a single company but turned out to a single cart portal to order wholesale from about 50 small niche companies. Score!! So, lots and lots to go through there and that should keep be busy for quite some time. And it’s part of the reason I want to get approved in some new categories.

Well, with this late update I am calling it a night!

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