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Questions from reader Marisa

The very first questions comes from reader, Marisa.  Thank you for getting us started!!

Marisa writes:

 Thanks so much for your blog. I check it everyday. I’m so happy you’re taking questions.
1. If I buy a new game from Goodwill, but the shrink wrap is starting to come apart, can I re-shrink wrap it, and still sell it as new?
2. How do you sell used plush without a barcode?
3. What type of products do you sell the most of during Jan-Sept (clothes, groceries, toys)?
Hi Marisa!
I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the blog and I am so happy to be answering your questions!
Let’s dive in!
1. No.  Amazon has very strict guidelines on what can be listed as new.  Here is Amazon’s guideline for new: “New: Just like it sounds. A brand-new, unused, unopened item in its original packaging, with all original packaging materials included. Original protective wrapping, if any, is intact. Original manufacturer’s warranty, if any, still applies, with warranty details included in the listing comments.” So what can you do?  If the item is truly new and the only defect is that the shrink wrap is starting to come apart you can list it as Collectible – Like New (remember that toys must either be new or collectible).  Amazon states the following guideline: “Collectible – Like New: An apparently untouched item in perfect condition. The original protective wrapping, if any, may be missing, but the original packaging is intact. There are absolutely no signs of wear. Suitable for presenting as a gift.”  For the example in your question this is how I would list the item.  You do not need to re-shrink wrap it (I don’t) but you certainly can (many sellers do).
2.  If the plush is already listed on Amazon you can usually find it by doing a search with the description.  If you find a match you can list it right there (it has to be an exact match to what you are selling).  If not then you need to create your own listing and you will need to provide the barcode.  They are super cheap on Ebay and this is where I get mine.  You can get 1000 for under $20 and that will last you a looooong time.
3. Excellent question!  I would have to say that during that time span I sell the most in toys and household goods and with my wholesale lines that primarily focus on beauty products.  I do sell a good volume of groceries from Jan through May but usually pull my grocery listings from about May to September when the weather heats up.  As for clothing I am not approved to sell in clothing on Amazon.  Up until this point it has not interested me enough to go through the hassle of getting the approval.  Who knows what the future holds but for now I’m happy with where I’m at!
Thanks again for your great questions!Stacy 🙂
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  1. Wow! I was not expecting my questions to be answered so soon. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with your readers.

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