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Amazon Mom Approved: You See a Plush Bunny, I See Money, Honey: The Amazon & eBay Merchant’s Guide to New & Used Soft Toy Profits

Yesterday I told you about a fabulous book on selling new and used board games by Stephen Smotherman called The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games. Today we are talking about my other favorite niche: Plush!

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know that I love buying plush at thrift stores and flipping it to Amazon … often at a HUGE profit. Plush tends to be very plentiful at thrift stores because it is one of the first things that people cast off when cleaning out the house. It is also always beloved by kids and collectors alike and makes great gifts. The best part of buying plush at thrift stores (besides the very low prices that usually are charged) is that you can often find items that are no longer made, are offered by few sellers, and are still very much in demand. And when you find that wonderful combination you can command high prices with very little cost out of pocket.

When I first started out I ignored this section of the thrift store figuring that people wouldn’t want to buy other peoples old stuffed animals but then I found this wonderful book and I realized that I couldn’t be more wrong. I was alerted to it by a Facebook group of sellers sharing that it was free at that time but even now it’s only $6.99 … a cost that is easily recouped by even just one sale. And the title makes me chuckle every time I refer back to it!

Jordan Malik is the author. For anyone not familiar with him, Jordan is the founder of Honest Online Selling and a best-selling author, podcaster, serial entrepreneur and award-winning Amazon merchant. This guy knows it all!

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned seller looking to expand your reach into plush I highly recommend picking this book up!

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