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Amazon Mom Approved: The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games – How to Turn Play Money into Real Money

It’s no secret that I love sourcing inventory at thrift stores and flipping them onto Amazon for large profits. In my second book ,Amazon Mom: Getting Thrifty With It, I walked you through my top niche categories and explained how you can find your own treasures for selling. One of my very favorite things to shop for are board games. New or used, these babies have treated me very well!

Even in today’s world of high tech electronics people still love board games… and I love selling them!

Unfortunately, with so many different categories to sell in it’s hard to be an expert in any one niche. Lucky for me I don’t have to be because: Stephen Smotherman from is! I was so thrilled to find his book, The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games, because has really helped open my eyes to aspects of board selling that I had never even considered before I read it. And that means more sales and higher profits! It truly is a comprehensive guide to everything there is to know on the subject all wrapped up in one amazing book. Oh to have had this handy tool when I was first starting out, but better late than never.

In his book he tells you exactly where to look to find the board games that will help you make the most profit (hint: it’s not just thrift stores), smart practices for finding choosing the best games, how to prepare the games for sale (and find missing pieces if you need to), and so much more. He even provides a bonus section of board game BOLO’s (Be On The Lookout For) which was really a revelation to me because not all of the games he listed were even on my radar.

If you sell board games or are considering it in the future I definitely recommend this book. It is very informative and written in a down-to-earth and easy to understand manner. Even better, on Monday, September 14th, he is going to release an update to The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games. The book will include additional chapters, updated content, videos, double the BOLOs, and even a mini-ebook on reselling puzzles (which are always right next to the used board games at thrift stores!). He tells me that the update will be big so I am really excited to get my hands on it!

Stephen assures me that anyone who purchases the book prior to the update release on the 14th will receive an email from him to receive the updates for free which I think is pretty awesome. The only caveat is that on September 21st he will be permanently raising the price of The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games to $49.00 from the current price of $39. So, if you are thinking about grabbing this great book do it soon!

His book can be found by clicking here —-> The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games

Happy reading!!

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