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A day in the life

Today I got a glimpse of what my life will look like two years from now … when all three of my children are in school for the full day. My husband took my little guy skiing for the first time and I stayed behind to get the girls off to school and be here when they got home (and to avoid having to ski lol).

On one hand I don’t want to wish these last days away with my son while he is still in preschool and next year when he is in half day Kindergarten because I know how special they are and how much I will miss them one day. I’m already starting to feel a little teary about his rapidly approaching preschool graduation.

But, on the other hand it was nice to see how my days will likely go once I have 9-3:30pm to take care of business, the house, and myself. And I have to say – it was nice. I filled orders, ran errands, helped in my daughters class, placed a wholesale order, listed a new wholesale order, cleaned up the house a bit, and enjoyed a cup of coffee in a totally quiet house. What’s not to like?!

So, I’ll enjoy the afternoons with my son now, while I still can, but having that extra time later is really going to make life a bit easier.

I mentioned I listed a new wholesale order that arrived when I was home … it was a new order of items to test from a company I have ordered from before. Actually, it was one of my new companies from the other week. I had ordered some products to create a bundle and forgot a piece of it so I had to place a second order and figured I’d add on some new stuff while I had to pay shipping anyway.

Here is the bottom line from that order:

Total items listed: 60

Total Buy Cost: $157.34

Total Sales Value: $731.92

Total Net Profit: $277.58

There are a handful of items that didn’t make it into this (or the shipment going out to Amazon tomorrow) because I am waiting for the dimensions to filter through from Inventory Lab to Amazon so I can send them. I have orders from 11 more companies coming in this week and early next week so I’ll just toss them in with one of those shipments once everything filters through.

It was a pretty small shipment but it took me about an hour and a half to list it because of having to create so many new listings from scratch. Ordering took about 30 minutes because I was deciding what new items to test and not just ordering quickly. So for 2 hours a good hourly rate…. and off to Amazon they go!

Tomorrow I have a huge grocery order to fill first thing and get out right away as a courtesy to a customer that requested fast shipment so I will do that first thing and then I’ll be signing up my son for Kindergarten after that. A big (and bittersweet) day!

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